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Gentle Tooth Extractions for Inner West Sydney

Attentive Care at Your Smile Centre

With the help of our veteran dentists, patients of Your Smile Centre know that we make every effort to help families preserve their natural teeth, for as long as possible. Unfortunately, in some cases, the best step you can take for your dental health is to have a tooth removed.

Why Does My Tooth Need to Be Pulled?

Illustration of tooth extraction Dental extractions are typically reserved for situations where a tooth is no longer restorable or is causing severe pain. Here are some common reasons for having a tooth removed:

  • Large areas of decay
  • Deep cracks that extend through to the root of the tooth
  • Mobility due to advanced gum disease
  • Emergency situations
  • Large breaks in the tooth

Eliminating the source of pain or infection allows you to move forward with ensuring your comfort and avoiding the spread of infection to adjacent teeth.

Will It Hurt to Have My Tooth Extracted?

With years of experience under their belt, our dentists know exactly what steps to help you remain comfortable throughout your oral surgery procedure. We will gladly explain the entire process to you so that you can feel confident about your decision. Happy gas is also available to put your mind at ease, in addition to thoroughly numbing the area before we begin any work on your mouth.

After Your Surgery

Depending on the location of your tooth, you will most likely want to replace it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the other teeth will begin to lean or shift, as books would if their neighbour was taken off of the shelf.

Our highly skilled dentists will suggest an appropriate option to replace your tooth, such as a dental implant or bridge. As always, you also have the choice to leave the area alone. Your Smile Centre will never force you into having a treatment that you do not feel comfortable with.


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