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Adult Braces in Inner West Sydney

Teeth Straightening at Your Smile Centre

Mom and son talkingBy correcting the alignment of your teeth, Your Smile Centre’s skilled dentists can aid you and your family better in managing problems like sleep apnoea, worn teeth and gum disease.

We offer Damon® Braces and Invisalign®.

What Does Orthodontics Have to Do With Sleep Apnoea?

If the anatomy of your jaws are impacting the way you breathe, orthodontics can help to increase oxygenation when you sleep. Opening your airway and widening the jaws can reduce pressure on your TMJ and the back of your throat, which affects the amount of oxygen that you can breathe in while you sleep.

When your airway is restricted, your brain doesn’t receive adequate oxygenation during rest. Bruxism and jaw pain is a common side effect. In certain situations, growth modification appliances (such as palatal expanders) can aid to modify the facial anatomy, so that braces are more effective and do not have to be worn as long.

Oral Health Complications From Crooked Teeth

Crowded and misaligned teeth are often far more difficult to keep clean. As a result, they typically have a higher risk of decay and gum disease. Abnormal pressure points gradually lead to accelerated wear or fractured teeth and restorations. When you make minor accommodations with your jaw to chew your food effectively, it can also predispose you to complications such as TMJ disorder.

When Anatomy Comes Into Play

Genetically, we inherit specific types of physical characteristics from each of our parents. If you inherit a smaller jaw from your mother and larger teeth from your father, it could result in extensive crowding or even airway obstruction when you sleep. Interceptive orthodontics and orthopaedic solutions can encourage growth modification to a point where the jaws and teeth align in a healthy manner, without the need for surgery.

How Appliances May Help

Prior to, during, or instead of wearing braces, an oral appliance may be recommended to aid in creating a proper biting relationship. Some examples include palatal expanders to widen the arch of your upper jaw or a space maintainer to prevent collapsing of the smile when a tooth is lost.

Appliances can also aid to assist individuals in reversing habits such as tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. They are only worn temporarily until the desired effects are achieved.

The Impact of Orthodontic and Orthopaedic Dentistry

Having a properly aligned bite is one of the best ways to maintain optimal dental health and improve facial beauty.

But that’s not all. The better your teeth look, the more likely you are to feel confident about your smile. As such, people with beautifully straight teeth are typically more outgoing, have a wider social circle, and even statistically proven to have higher paying jobs. Investing in your smile could be an investment in your quality of life!

Habits That Cause Crooked Teeth

Misalignment of the teeth can progress gradually through the years, especially if you are prone to certain habits. For instance, if you thrust forward with your tongue when you swallow, grew up with a thumb-sucking habit, are a mouth breather or grind your teeth at night, there are physical forces that encourage the teeth to shift and tilt out of place.

When not addressed early, it can extend the length of orthodontic treatment necessary to correct your bite’s alignment.


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