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Cosmetic Dentist in Inner West Sydney

Enhance Your Smile at Your Smile Centre

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Cosmetic enhancements are a great way to boost confidence in your smile!

Do you feel embarrassed about the way your teeth look? The accomplished family dentists at Your Smile Centre can help you to change that. Through our convenient cosmetic services, you can select the best option to enhance your smile’s appearance.

Whether it’s just one tooth or your entire smile that needs a transformation, we offer a number of convenient, aesthetic therapies.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Brighten the way your smile looks in just one visit with professional in chair ZOOM whitening or take-home Pola Office custom made whitening trays. Our professional grade whitening solution is safe and advanced.

With our professional whitening solutions, you can feel assured you’re receiving the highest quality whitening by a trained dental professional. We’ll show you how to keep your smile white for as long as possible.

Teeth Straightening

Improving the alignment of your teeth can boost your self-confidence, make it easier to keep your smile healthy and even aid in improved airflow as you sleep. We offer Invisalign® and Damon® Braces.

Invisalign® is one of the most popular orthodontic solutions to straightening smiles. It works just like braces with a set of clear aligner trays which gently shift your teeth in correct position overtime. They are virtually invisible and can be easily removed when eating or out with friends.

Damon® Braces are a newer advanced solution to braces. They are available in both a classic and tooth-coloured option. These state-of-the-art braces are more advanced than traditional braces and use less force to move teeth.

Porcelain or Composite Veneers

A veneer masks any tooth imperfections across the front of your teeth. Veneers are bonded over the tooth to improve its shape, colour and appearance. We offer porcelain or composite veneers.

Porcelain are a higher-quality more durable material. They are crafted in our lab and colour matched to your smile, or an improved whiter colour of your choice. These veneers are the highest quality and the more long-lasting solution.

Composite veneers are more affordable compared to porcelain. They can also be completed in just a single visit. The material is just like a filling and is a white-tooth coloured resin.

It typically doesn’t last as long as porcelain but is a great solution for those on a smaller budget or have less teeth to correct.

Lumineers® (No-prep Veneers)

Rather than reshape your tooth, no-prep Lumineers are a reversible veneer option that can be removed in the future without requiring retreatment. This treatment is not as well-known as traditional veneers but is highly effective for those wanting to mask imperfections on their front teeth without prep.

Snap-On Smile®

Should you need comprehensive dental work that is to be phased out over the coming months or years, a Snap-On Smile can provide you with a temporary solution while you wait for your permanent treatment.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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