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Protective Dental Sealants in Inner West Sydney

Preventative Dental Care at Your Smile Centre

As your children grow, they learn new skills, including brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, our Inner West Sydney family dentists frequently spot decay on developing permanent teeth, because they can be challenging for young children to clean. Thankfully, a quick, protective sealant at Your Smile Centre can help.

Illustration of sealant

Block Out Decay Before It Starts

Sealants are thin, protective layers that block out bacteria and make it easier to keep cavity-prone areas clean. Each one is just a thin coating of tooth-coloured or clear material. They take our veteran dentists or therapists only a few minutes to apply! No numbing or loud instruments are necessary.

When placed into the deep grooves and cracks of cavity-prone teeth, sealants can help to reduce the risk of your son or daughter developing tooth decay. These areas are easier to brush clean, giving your child a boost during their formative years.

When Should Teeth Be Sealed?

The most cavity-prone teeth are the molars (the grinding teeth at the back of your mouth). Generally, these teeth erupt around the ages of 6 and 12, although this can vary. Our experienced dental providers recommend sealing the molars soon after they erupt when they are most susceptible to decay.


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