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Snap-On Smile® at Your Smile Centre

Inner West Sydney Instant Smile Makeovers

Perhaps you require full-mouth reconstruction that needs to be phased out over future visits with our family dentists, but you have a smile that makes you feel embarrassed. Your Smile Centre’s Snap-On Smile® option offers an economical and temporary solution to cosmetic challenges.

What Is a Snap-On Smile®?

Woman with beautiful smile The temporary prosthesis is similar to a denture without clasps that snap over your existing teeth. When in place, it looks as if you have a new smile without having had any dental treatment completed. Instead, it covers all of your teeth with what looks like a straight, white smile. It can also help to retain tooth positioning before having an implant or bridge placed. Unlike a denture or partial, there are no metal clasps involved.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate?

A Snap-On Smile® is easy to care for and is great for people who feel embarrassed of self-conscious about the way their teeth look. It provides a fast, temporary solution to more complex rehabilitative needs.

When you wear it, it provides an immediate smile makeover.

The Snap-On Smile® appliance usually lasts for about three years, so that you can feel confident about how your teeth look between restorative treatments. If you need to replace missing teeth or get a smile makeover but can’t quite afford one yet, then a Snap-On Smile® is the perfect choice.


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