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Children’s Dentist in Inner West Sydney

Your Smile Centre Welcomes Young Smiles

Regular dental care in childhood helps to grow a healthy adult smile!

Caring for your child’s smile starts before they are born. At Your Smile Centre, our highly experienced dentists and team give Inner West Sydney families the information that they need to encourage proper tooth development, make good diet choices and keep their baby’s smile healthy.


Bulk Billed* Children’s Dentistry

Did you know your child may be eligible for up to $1000 worth of bulk billed general and restorative dentistry treatments under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)?

It’s a means tested government funded allowance that is available to children aged between two and seventeen years old. Generally if you receive Family Tax Benefit A your child is eligible for the CDBS.

*Conditions and eligibility applies. Please read through the information on this page or click here for additional details about the CDBS. 

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

We recommend bringing your child in for checkups at an early age and every six months after that. By age 3, most children enjoy sitting in the exam chair for the first time for a ride up and down. Our capable and caring team wants your child’s experience to be one that’s enjoyable from start to finish. As a parent or caregiver, you will be equipped with proven techniques to help safeguard your child’s smile before problems have a chance to develop.

Dental Treatments for Children

Should your child have any signs of tooth decay, we recommend treating it before it spreads to other teeth. If care is delayed, it can impact the health or eruption of adult teeth underneath. A small filling, pulpotomy or even a crown can help you to preserve your child’s tooth so that it is not lost prematurely. However, if a baby tooth does need to be pulled, we will recommend a space maintainer to accommodate proper tooth spacing.

Schedule a Check and Clean Every Six Months

Most of our healthy patients benefit from a preventative clean every six months. These visits allow us to intervene before problems have a chance to become more involved or expensive to treat. We will share vital nutritional and oral hygiene information with you so that you can help your child experience the best dental health possible.

Book your child’s visit to Your Smile Centre online today!



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