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Manage Teeth Grinding in Inner West Sydney

Bruxism Solutions at Your Smile Centre

When someone grinds or clenches their teeth, we refer to that habit as “bruxism.” At Your Smile Centre, our experienced Inner West Sydney family dentists thoroughly screen for signs of bruxism as it may be indicative of an underlying airway problem. It can also lead to broken teeth, fillings and crowns.

Bruxism in Young Children

Bruxism in children may be associated with a problem like sleep apnoea. You might notice grinding noises when your child sleeps. If your son or daughter wakes up tired, suffers from frequent nightmares or tends to sleep with their mouth open, we may recommend sending him or her to an ENT for an evaluation. Sometimes the solution is as simple as taking a nose spray, while other children need a tonsillectomy.

A study for sleep apnoea may also be recommended, but habitual teeth grinding in children is usually something that they grow out of.

Teeth-grinding Habits in Adults

Adults who clench and grind their teeth often do so because of chronic stress or a sleeping disorder. If a stressful lifestyle isn’t suspected, a sleep study will likely be recommended. After the appropriate diagnosis, we may recommend wearing a protective splint to guard against your teeth becoming cracked or worn. The splint takes pressure off of the teeth to prevent breakage, while also reducing strain to the TMJ.

If you suffer from bruxism or notice your child grinding their teeth frequently, book an online appointment today to discuss the solutions available at Your Smile Centre.



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