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Custom Dental Veneers in Inner West Sydney

Your Smile Centre Makeover Solutions

Our skilled, artistic Inner West Sydney family dentists use veneers to improve the size, colour and shape of your teeth. At Your Smile Centre, your veneer is bonded over the front of your teeth to mask aesthetic concerns. They are especially useful to manage the appearance of teeth that have aesthetic irregularities or minor damage related to:

  • Chipped enamel
  • Gaps at the front of your smile
  • Uneven or “short” looking teeth
  • Chronic discolouration or staining

When Are Veneers Recommended?

While some people can simply boost their smile’s appearance by whitening their teeth, others may not have the alignment or surface texture that they desire. If the tooth does not have to be fully restored with a porcelain crown, then a cosmetic veneer is the best solution.

Are All Veneers Created Equal?

Our Inner West Sydney dental patients have a few types of veneers to choose from. The first is made of resin (such as a white filling) and applied in one visit. The second is a porcelain veneer that is designed by hand in a dental lab and completed in two visits. The third option is the no-prep Lumineers® that are appropriate when any extra volume will not negatively affect your gum health.

Each type of veneer has different advantages, but both share the same goal of enhancing the way your teeth look when you smile. Because custom porcelain veneers allow the preparation of the underlying tooth and do not stain very easily, they are best for correcting significant aesthetic challenges.

Book an online appointment at Your Smile Centre today to discuss how veneers with our skilled Inner West Sydney dentists can give you a more pleasing smile!



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