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Complete Dental Implant Therapy

Tooth Replacement at Your Smile Centre

For years, dental implants have provided our families with the opportunity to permanently replace their missing teeth. At Your Smile Centre, our highly trained and experienced implant providers know exactly what it takes for the most successful outcome when it comes to rebuilding your smile.

Why Consider Implants?

Traditional titanium dental implants allow us to replace missing teeth without altering adjacent healthy teeth. They offer a superior alternative to options like bridges or removable partials.

Depending on the number of your teeth that are missing, implants generally replace single teeth with the help of a fixed crown or multiple teeth with a bridge is anchored on top of two to three implants.

An implant:

  • Encourages new bone growth, supporting both itself and adjacent teeth
  • Preserves natural tooth alignment
  • Can potentially last for the life of the patient
  • Is capable of supporting far more weight than a natural tooth
  • Helps to maintain natural facial contours
  • Does not alter your ability to speak or eat comfortably

What to Expect

Completing a dental implant procedure is far more comfortable than most people think. Being that your mouth is numbed during the surgical placement of the implant, it feels similar to other common procedures, such as getting a tooth pulled.

After your implant is installed, we allow the area to heal and grow new bone. After three to six months, the implant is uncovered and an abutment fixed in place, which supports the crown, bridge or denture.

Each of our skilled dental implant providers has completed extensive training in dental implant placement and surgery. At Your Smile Centre, you’re in good hands. Book an exam online at our dental implant office today!



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