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Dr Frank Papadopoulos, Dentist Inner West Sydney

Solving Problems and Helping Others

Ever since I can remember, I’ve found joy in doing intricate detailed work such as building model aircrafts and other items, all with my hands. I like science and technology and have a knack for diagnosing and solving problems creatively and enjoy helping others.
Dr Frank Papadopoulos

Dr Frank Papadopoulos, dentist Inner West Sydney

Dr Frank Papadopoulos

For Dr Frank, dentistry represents a combination of all these things. He also likes dentistry’s broad range and depth, and that it combines many aspects of healthcare, medicine, technology, biology and psychology, all with a goal of helping people.

Obtaining a Dental Education

Dr Frank completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (Hons Level), at Sydney University in 1988. He also tutored dental students part-time at Sydney University United Dental Hospital from 1989 to 1995. Also, he’s a member of the Australian Dental Association.

In his 28 years of working in dentistry, Dr Frank has invested thousands of hours through ongoing development and courses. As his career has progressed, he has focused on keyhole implant and tooth restoration, and orthodontic alignment procedures.

I like helping people achieve what they want in their oral health, from straightforward procedures to complicated full-mouth rehabilitations over many weeks or months.
Dr Frank Papadopoulos

Dr Frank likes putting a smile on people’s faces!

Helping Patients Feel Comfortable

For those patients who may have a dental phobia, our practice takes a team approach to putting patients at ease. “The start point is the first contact with our clinic team member. By the time the person sees me, I make every effort to get to know the person in a relaxed manner. Some humour and soft background music help.” Dr Frank also asks relevant questions to understand what has brought a patient in.

Staying Active in Inner West Sydney

When he’s not at the practice, Dr Frank enjoys time with family, many of whom work in healthcare. “My elder brother is an optometrist; my younger sister is also a dentist, and her husband is a dental specialist endodontist. All of us have spent time teaching at our universities and helping the new graduates learn more about their chosen professions.”

Dr Frank also enjoys socialising with friends, live music, good healthy food, travelling and motorsports. “I also like to read, meditate and understand more about the world we live in.” He supports the Greek community and the local community. He’s a passionate supporter of the following charities: Oxfam, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) and Meals on Wheels.

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